Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tiger Fires Steve Williams!?!?

            Ok, so in case you didn’t know, I’m a pretty avid golf fan; I like to play a little bit when I can also (when I say play, I really mean, chase my ball into woods, creeks, and sand traps).  And I just read on ESPN that Tiger Woods has just fired his caddie that he has had for the last 12 years of his professional golf career.  In this 12-year stretch Tiger, with the help of Williams, won 72 PGA events, including 13 Major Championships (!  Now almost everyone in the country has heard about Tiger’s struggles on and off the golf course over the past year, and from what Tiger said, he felt he needed a change.  In my mind, having Steve Williams as your caddy is the last thing you need to change in your life Tiger.  Williams has caddied for 33 years for the likes of Greg Norman and Tiger.  You should probably start with learning to be faithful to your wife, and not acting like some 80s rock star.  Have some respect for yourself and the ones who used to and still love you.  And when you get all that in check, I feel like your golf game might turn around a bit.  It seems to me like the firing of Steve Williams was the result of Tiger Woods displacing his anger in the wrong direction. 
            Tiger is currently nursing a left leg injury back to health after taking years and years of punishment from pounding Nike Ones down the center of the fairway.  He has stated that he will only return to the game when he is back to 100% (who knows if that will ever happen).  Tiger currently has 14 career majors and has been in a drought since the 2008 US Open.  

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