Monday, July 18, 2011

Crash and Burn at the 2011 Indoor National Championships

So, I know I haven’t updated this in a quite a long time, and I apologize for that.  But after my long absence from the blogging community, I feel that the 2011 Indoor National Championships are important enough to make me want to share my thoughts again.  The first two days so far have proved to be kind of exciting.  There have been plenty of falls, disqualifications, protests, and great passing, but there has not been that much really fast skating that we all love to see at Indoor Nationals. 
    The primary reason that we are not seeing the speeds that we are accustomed to is that the floor is just not up to par this year.  Granted we are on the traveling floor (the floor that is used whenever we are not in Lincoln, NE), but there is one corner that is just flat out bad.  I have actually been the victim of this terrible corner twice now.  Once when another skater in front of me fell due to the conditions of the floor, and another time when I slipped and flew into the wall.  It just seems that the skating gods were not with the people who layed this roll on down last week, because they sure messed half of the floor up pretty good. 
    I’m sure that most of the skaters will learn how to adapt to the slippery floor by the end of the week, but I’m also sure that there will continue to be lots of people crashing and burning as well.  We’re in for an exciting nationals, so everybody gear up for the first finals night of the 2011 Indoor National Championships.

This afternoon will start off with middle distance finals, then we will break for awards for those races, and finish off the night with the sprint finals.  Anybody can watch the live web cast of the championships at  Be on the look out for both finals of the World Class men tonight, where there has already been a fair amount of controversy.  Other divisions to watch will be Junior men (these guys are always exciting to watch), World Class Women (Brittany Bowe has made her comeback to the inline world), and the older guys division, Classic and Grand Classic men (these guys always go hard, and there will surely be some stellar crashes; hopefully no one gets seriously injured). 

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