Sunday, January 30, 2011

Intro and NSC

My last blog attempt was a failed effort.  Hopefully this time around I will be more studious at keeping up with it.  I think I’m going to come at it from a different angle as well.  Instead of boring you guys with only things about my dull life, it will be more of my views on things that I deem necessary to write about.  Hopefully this is going to be a more entertaining and insightful way to go about this.  So anyways, the first thing I’d like to talk about is the NSC.  I have been a huge fan of the organization since it started up last year.  I think Miguel Jose and Joey Mantia are innovating a sport right now.  We all know that indoor speed skating is just as exciting as things we watch on TV like the X-Games or things of that nature, but sadly the rest of the world does not.  These guys are taking the sport of speed skating and making it marketable, flashy, and hip.  Hopefully 10 years from now we will be able to look back at these first events and laugh at how small the audience was and how few viewers there were on the free live feed.  At the event last week a few of us were sitting around talking about this.  We may not reap the benefits of being the first guys in NSC.  If this thing takes off the way we all think it is going to, then our Tiny Tots and Primaries are going to be the ones who are getting paid thousands of dollars a night to go out and do what they love.  How awesome would that be?  But anyways, on to the event itself.  I had never been to an event in person until I skated Monday Night Mayhem last week, I had only watched the web casts last year.  And let me tell you, I was completely shocked at how sweet the event was in person.  The rink was packed almost 30 minutes before races started.  Just warming up was an adrenaline rush.  It was completely different than skating a regular meet.  Going into the races I was a little bit nervous, because I hadn’t been on my inlines since thanksgiving, and to tell you the truth, I was not very good then either.  But as soon as Bob Justice gave his intro speech, it was pure excitement from then on.  It was a combination of everything.  Having the lights turned down and a spotlight on you as Bob announces your name to come to the line for a heat!  It was the music that Joey was playing over the decked out speakers in the Pattisons rink.  It was the camera flashes that were going crazy as soon as the gun went off.  It was just pure and utter awesomeness (I know its not actually a word, but it fits well) at its finest.  So anyways, the event went really well from all stand points.  According to Miguel, it was the smoothest event they had so far, there were more people on the live feed than ever, and I skated pretty well to top it all off.  The next event is East Coast Carnage in Roanoke, Virginia on February 18th and 19th.  I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the coolest speed skating events I will have ever been too.  The owner of the rink in Roanoke has said that they are going to “pack that place out.”  They might even have to turn people away.  Bob is going to be announcing, and to be honest, I can’t think of a better announcer.  Feel free to disagree, but in my mind, he is just as exciting to listen to as Chris Berman on ESPN. So if your not going to the meet, you might want to re-think that decision.  That’s about it for right now.  I’ll try to post one or two more before Roanoke, but if not, I will for sure post a full recap of Roanoke and the NSC event. 

Take it easy everyone


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