Monday, January 31, 2011

Dubstep: The Next Generation of Music

Like I said at the beginning of this blog, this is not just going to be about skating or my life.  It’s going to be about everyday life happenings, that I feel the need to state my opinion on, granted it might not be worth anything, but o well, at least it’s fun.  I don’t know if you guys have heard of dubstep yet or not, but if you haven’t I’ll start by explaining what it is exactly.  Dubstep is a new genre of music.  It got its start in the late 90s in southern London, and has continued to evolve into something new and funky.  By definition dubstep is “a genre of electronic music conveying a dark and brooding atmosphere through prominent bass lines.”  The older generation may find this as something that makes them want to shoot themselves, but my generation loves it.  I heard about dubstep spring of last year from my younger brother, go figure.  And at first I was thinking WTF is this?  But I listened to some more tracks that he told me to check out, and the more I listened, the more I was enthralled. 

Now I’m not going to be so bold to say that I listen to the best type of music, but I would dare to say that I have pretty good taste in music.  In my opinion, dubstep and other music like it is where mainstream music is headed.  Now you guys might be sitting here saying, “what gives you the authority to predict what is going to be mainstream music in the future?”  Well to answer that, I took History of Rock and Roll my freshman year at the University of Utah, (I know, I’m a chronic over achiever) so I’m pretty much an expert on the subject matter (sarcasm).  But seriously, everything I learned in that class tells me that we are constantly heading towards a more electronic sound.  If you don’t believe me, listen to music on the radio now and compare it to music 10 years ago. 

So anyways, sorry I like to stray off task a bit sometime, I thought that this new music that I was listening to was widely known across America.  Kind of like when you think you’ve discovered a new Lil Wayne song and the next day your buddy says, “hey, have you heard that new Lil Wayne song?”  I was mostly wrong when I thought that it was widely popular.  From what I have seen, dubstep is pretty big in the high school and college scene, typically on the east coast, and then pretty big in California as well.  Now I live in Salt Lake City and I have not met a single person out here who knows what I’m talking about when I speak on the subject.  So I’m not sure if Salt Lake is just a dull void for up and coming music, but it definitely isn’t a frontrunner. 

So I guess the whole point of writing this was to tell you guys a little bit about an entirely new genre of music, which isn’t something you get to do everyday.  And then to give you guys a few links to some dubstep tracks that I like a lot.  If you like them, wonderful, if not, o well, I’m still going to listen to it. 

Act Like You Know- Nero
I Can't Stop- Flux Pavillion
Silence-Mt. Eden

Artists to check out if you liked these:
•    Bassnectar
•    Benga
•    Caspa
•    Rusko
•    Borgore

Feel free to post more artists in comments if you are dubstep savvy


  1. I must say im a dubstep listener all the way. I mostly listen to that and hip hop